Best shares to buy now:best share to buy for short term:best shares to buy 2018:shares market

Published: 16-Sep-2018

Description: in this video we have advised best shares to buy now by share market latest news analysis in India and provided view on sugar stocks using technical analysis also given best share to buy for short term using stoploss. Best shares to buy 2018 are the stocks which are in uptrend and giving breakouts according to technical analysis.Best sharers to buy in India are the shares which are rising with volume. However while investing 2018 one must invest with strict stoploss as nifty pe valuation is expensive. Also one must invest limited and diversify the portfolio.whenever investor is looking for best shares to buy today he must evaluate index fundamental valuation first and analyse the trend of the market to be successful trader or investor .As a case study if you are looking for best stocks for 2018 India currently nifty pe is above 25 so trading with limited capital is suggested. now in current month sugar stocks like dhampur sugar ,dalmia sugar are giving breakout but as market valuation is expensive one can invest small portion with strict stoploss in these this way for stocks to buy today India you must look fundamentals of index and technical analysis of stocks .shares market in India is a place where one can make his fortune if invest in right stocks at right time .Trading in stock market which is popularly known as share marketing involves buying and selling of the can do technical analysis of stocks before investing. As explained in this video dalmia sugar consolidated for last 2 months and given breakout last week as per technical analysis so one can invest in dalmia sugar by putting stoploss .Now if we do current technical analysis of share market and then Nifty is showing positive momentum with support of 11250 if it breaks it then momentum of short term chart will be negative .