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Published: 15-Oct-2018

Description: Indian share Market has given handsome return if invested six months before elections in India. As per the last 27 years history of shares market if anybody has invested in share bazar in India six months before an election earned a good return in the next two years so considering this investing in share market in 2018 before election result would be a wise investment idea. In this share market training video, we have discussed nse stock market investment ideas for Indian share market in Hindi. Its 2 years from the 6 months before the election General election year 1991 - 6months prior DEC 90 After two years Dec 92 CAGR NIFTY 48% General election year 1996 - 6months prior DEC 95 After two years Dec 97 CAGR NIFTY 8.6% General election year 1998 - 6months prior NOV 97 After two years NOV 99 CAGR NIFTY 13% General election year 1999 - 6months prior APR 99 After two years APR 01 CAGR NIFTY 1.5% General election year 2004 - 6months prior NOV 03 After two years NOV5 CAGR NIFTY 26% General election year 2009 - 6months prior NOV 08 After two years NOV 10 CAGR NIFTY 51% General election year 2014 - 6months prior NOV13 After two years NOV 15 CAGR NIFTY 14% Thanks a lot for Comment For Professional Investment Consultancy and Share Market Training Call AryaaMoney 9922092369 NIFTY PE: Share market ko blood pressure hai web: #Investment #Indiansharemarket #stockmarket