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Bhuushan Godbole

Bhuushan Godbole B.E(PROD)

SEBI Registered Investment Adviser INA000002405 CERTIFIED MARKET PROFESSIONAL

  • Mr.Bhuushan Godbole Is The Founder Of Aryaa Money Pvt Ltd
  • Mr.Bhuushan Godbole Is Sebi Registered Investment Adviser (Ina000002405) And Also
  • Nism Certified Research Analyst
  • Nse Certified Investment Analyst Champion
  • Nse Certified Derivatives Champion (Ncdc)
  • Successfully Completed Nsdl-Depository Operations Module Of Ncfm As 'Certified Trainer'
  • Nse Certified Market Professional
  • Bhuushan Godbole Is Professional Trader, Trainer & Consultant .
  • His Recommendations Which Have High Success Rate Published In Various News Paper Like Reputed Marathi Daily `Pudhari`
  • He Guides Investors Through Various Media Presence Like Leading News Channel " Zee 24 Taas", Radio Chanel "Tomato Fm 94.3-Kolhapur"
  • His Rich Experience Includes Both Bull And Bear Phases Of Market
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Investing in the stock market is one of the best ways to make huge profits. But if done wrong, it can also be the fastest way to lose money! Profitable stock market returns are usually a result of stringent research on the stock market dynamics, years of expertise, and a well planned strategy. It is advised that no matter how enticing and easy share trading could seem to the amateur investor, there is a need to acquire a certain level of knowledge and technicality to actually make any profits. In addition to the complexity of this process, there is also the added convenience (or inconvenience to the newbie) of a variety of trading platforms where one can participate. However, even for the most seasoned of traders, there is the need for complete awareness of the risk involved and a need to learn stock market movements continuously.

The stock market does not limit investors due to their geographical area. Anyone who is interested can start trading without hesitation. However it is advised to get considerable training before actually making a solid head start into the stock market trading activity.

Aryaamoney is one of most successful organizations leading the stock market training service in India focusing on learning about the stock market, smart trading, & investing strategies in stock market. Stock market trading also provides a different experience for trading futures, forex and other asset classes. Our training courses can help you start investing and trading stocks with proven methodology and confidence to build great benefits. Although there are a number of stock market training institutes out there, you need a trustworthy and reliable guide to help you chisel out the best strategy to reap the best profits out of stock market trading.

Some benefits of taking training before you embark on trading are:-

  • You will have strong grasp of the dynamic nature of the share market
  • You will have a solid strategy for amassing huge profits
  • You will learn tactics to help you dodge risks and reduce the damaging effects of risks that could hamper your otherwise smooth financial growth.
  • You will be prepared to face the rise and fall of the stock market and be able to build around your existing strategies to accommodate these variables.
  • You can be more confident in picking different types of stocks to trade and help you be a flexible trader.

Shares swing up and down due to demand and supply hence huge money transactions takes place every day. That means lots of opportunities to make excellent profits get created. Intelligent trading is the only method to create and grow wealth from such opportunities.

Aryaa Money offer best training programs to transform common investor into intelligent investor professional trader`s workshop for stocks, commodity, forex.

Surely, you must have heard of the unpredictable behaviour of the stock market, yet this is one of the best ways to make your money work instead of you working towards a secure financial future! Here are some reasons as to why you should be investing in stock market.

Baby Steps towards a Solid Future

Investing in a piece of land or any other conventional methods of growing your financial assets require you to fork over lakhs of rupees just to make that asset yours. This means that before you even start seeing any financial gain from your investment, you would have to shell in a significant amount, the growth of which depends on the volatile function of the market. Investing in stocks on the other hand does not always require you to spare such a huge amount to reap the benefits. Even with a small amount of savings, you will be able to own at least a share or a fractional share of stock in a company.

Hedging against Inflation

We have seen the impact of inflation over the years on eroding our purchasing power. In such cases having a fixed income security will not be enough to keep up with the growing prices. Hence your focus should be on what is the real return or the return net of inflation. For example, investing in dividends can help you keep in pace with or even outrun the imminent inflation rates as tangible returns paid by companies keep up with inflation. In fact, if you have invested in a combination of different types of investments, you can to an extent control the stock market volatility. Portfolio diversification can ensure that when one type of stock goes down and other goes up, your wealth does not face a huge downfall. In other words, don't put all your eggs into one basket.

Learn live in the classroom at AryaaMoney professional workshop. You get to access all the state-of-the-art technology and education material along with practical case studies which is needed to learn on a professional trading platform. The training classes help in identifying high-potential opportunities and at the same time analyse and track market trends. The instructors are professional traders who are expert teachers. Also being in a community of learning and taught traders you will enjoy and share your goal of financial success with stock trading and investing.

Seasoned Experts

Our team comprises of members that are highly qualified to provide solid financial advisory pertaining to stock market decisions. The founder of Aryaamoney, Bhuushan Godbole actively handles all the seminars and workshops to help people who are thinking of investing from scratch to those intellectual experts who require a bit of direction! Why trust the expert? Here's why


All your queries and doubts regarding the workings of the stock market ends here as you have got one of India's top investment advisor to guide you by your side!

Additionally, at Aryaamoney, we offer technical analysis course, share market training and share market classes in Pune where you can get an inside scoop of the workings of the stock market.

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