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Published: 10-Sep-2018

Description: In this share market investment video Bhuushan Godbole best SEBI registered investment adviser provided Mutual funds recommendations and given Mutual funds advice for upcoming years.its recommended that though mutual funds sahi hai magar one should consider the amount of risk and valuation of the market before investing. Mutual Fund recommendations India is a popular investment search as now days mutual funds investments are growing in India so this is a special video uploaded to guide investors in 2018 .mutual funds sip is the popular investment type investors prefer for long term goal .mutual fund investment is a type of investment where many investors can invest their money collectively in various asset classes like equity,debt,gold etc For Professional Investment Consultancy & share market Training Call Aryaamoney 9922092369 web: #mutualfunds #mutualfundssahihai #mutualfundsforbeginners #mutualfundsonline #mutualfundsanalysis