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Published: 11-Nov-2018

Description: Share market investment in India is subject to market risk however it can be profitable if we follow the right money management and analysis technique while investing. share market trading can be successful If we analyze nifty valuation and nifty trend, as well as the trend of the share where we want to invest. Currently Nifty is showing bounce back from 10000 level. PC jeweller share price is showing bounce back after a huge fall however on the medium chart it's in a downtrend so one should wait till chart gives strong buy signal or trend change signal. Currently, as per the medium-term chart, divis lab share price is showing an uptrend also Rec share price is showing an uptrend on short-term chart. According to the short-term chart and technical analysis, rec ltd share or rec share price closed above 122 and given a buy signal with a strict stop loss of 114 however as current nifty pe valuation is above 25, short-term share trading with tight stop loss is recommended. As market valuation is expensive stocks giving buy signals as per technical analysis may hit stop loss show one should follow strict money management and trade with limited capital. Whenever Nifty has corrected from high valuations it has shown bounce back. In 2008 after showing a heavy fall from January to march it had bounced back for 4 weeks and gain turned back and shown a huge fall. Same pattern nifty has repeated in 2011 as well as in 2015 while correcting from higher valuations so on should be cautious while trading in the current situation. There was a share market news in India related to rec company last week as REC Company director P V Ramesh said the company has overcome the stagnation caused by early prepayment and He expects growth in coming months.REC Share price has given a positive breakout on the technical chart as well but as current market valuation is expensive one should trade with strict stop loss and take an affordable risk. Though PC Jeweller is available at a lower rate or bargain price as per medium chart it is in a downtrend and has not given breakout or buy signal.PC Jeweller share price is showing bounce back after a huge fall one may get trap if buy without stop loss at the wrong level. web: For share market classes call Aryaamoney 9922092369 To Subscribe Personal Portfolio Adviser for Portfolio management services Call Aryaamoney 9922092369 #sharemarketinvestment #sharemarketnews #sharemarket