Personal Portfolio Advisory (PPA) Services

  1. Aryaamoneyʹs Personal Portfolio Advisory Service follows an investment strategy based on market valuation and trend 
  2. PPA is being handled considering Techno-fundamental philosophy of Investment.
  3. Techno-fundamental analysis and filtrations minimize the risk of investing and maximize profitability.
  4. Investments are bifurcated mainly into Cyclical stocks and Non-cyclical stocks.
  5. Fundamental analysis of stocks will involve detailed Quantitative analysis and Qualitative analysis .
  6. Two main variantʹs of PPA are of Low ticket size ( 5 Lakh-24 Lakh) and Higher ticket size ( 25 Lakh above) 
  7. Both the variantʹs have Five Year Investment plans offered after doing a risk profiling and KYC 
  8. PPA- Hurdle rate or service target ensures and assures services target to the customer however it doesnʹt give any guarantee.
  9. Market Valuations (Nifty PE) is considered for deciding how much percentage to invest and Market Trend analysis to decide the entry point for Investing. This filter minimizes the risk of Trading & Investments in the Market.
  10. Disclaimer: Mutual funds and securities investments are subject to market risks and there is no assurance or guarantee 
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