How to Place a Stoploss Order in Upstox?


As a gun has a trigger similarly there is a trigger in the share market as well. When the trigger is loaded the gun fires a bullet, likewise when the trigger takes place in the stock market, stoploss happens. So what does this trigger and stoploss mean? We have already mentioned about Stoploss in our previous blogs, do have a look if you haven’t yet.


While trading in the share market if we don’t place a stoploss then we may never be able to cut short our losses.  The famous trader Ed Sekota quotes, “If you want to become a successful trader in the share market you should follow three rules: first is cutting losses, second is cutting losses and third is cutting losses.” Thus, stoploss is crucial for cutting your losses. Also, it is important to place a trigger along with stoploss. So how do we place this Trigger & Stoploss? Let us understand this in our today’s blog.


Most of you keep asking, where go place this stoploss? We’ll be discussing this too in our today’s blog. Consider we have bought the share of Dr. Reddy’s. Now, why did we opt for the share of Dr. Reddy’s? As mentioned in our previous blogs if you wish to become a successful trader then you should choose that share that has come out of the box, hence we opted for Dr. Reddy’s share. Consider Dr. Reddy’s share has given a signal that it is moving out of the box. Hence, we bought this share for short-term trading. Also, one thing should be noted here that our prediction may go wrong too.  So as we can go wrong, it is important for us to place a stoploss here those who had bought the shares of DHFL and Yes Bank, had they placed a Stoploss Market order there, they would’ve been able to cut short their losses and exit the trade in time. Otherwise, it would have been a brutal loss they’d have to face.


So if you want to be successful in the share market, then you should carry out a step-by-step analysis here. First, you need to check the market valuation then you need to check the market direction and then check the direction of the share in which you are trading whether it is in an uptrend or not. And finally, if you are trading then always place a stoploss. As you all know, we have our Aryaamoney app. In there, there are two training programs Gateway to Wealth and Smart Investor training program. We have mentioned all these above concepts with examples and case-studies there. Also, you get a 2 months free counseling session with it. Do subscribe and take benefit of it all.


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