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Learn Online Share Market from the Expert

The chances of failure in the stock market are high and very scaring. A professional training can help people trade with wisdom and skill. If you are looking to earn great wealth by making an investment in the stock market, knowledge of trading is a must.

AryaaMoney offers real-time Share market learning . Learners get intensive training from the industry experts with very deep insights of the share the market.

AryaaMoney offers unmatched support and services for the learners. It's the only training program which offers an all-around approach. AryaaMoney Private Limited is founded with the aim of transforming the common investor into an intelligent investor through valuable financial advisory services.

Overview about the course

Learn to trade and invest in stocks with the guidance and instruction from the professionals at AryaaMoney, where we offer the stock market courses. Our stock trading course provides an overall learning experience on how to analyze stocks with trends and trade accordingly in those stocks and how to invest in the stock market using professional level strategies and skills regardless of trading and experience style. Start with your stock education right away and choose from the best online courses we offer and learn stock market through one of the best online stock market classes available out there.

After successful completion of the basic course move to advanced online technical analysis training course, this can prove to be of great benefit for you.


  • Our Stock market training provides a different experience for trading futures, forex and other asset classes.
  • Our training courses can help you start investing and trading stocks with proven methodology and confidence to build great benefits.
  • The entire course is designed in a manner that is easy to learn and understand.
  • It is important for beginners who wish to invest to understand trading techniques, strategies and exact trading framework and how they are being practically traded in the market. AryaaMoney takes care of it all.

Overview of the Trainer

Mr. Bhuushan Godbole is the founder of AryaaMoney Private Limited. He has his graduation into BE (Production). He is a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor (INA000002405). Mr. Bhuushan had secured the highest position in the Top Ten Advisors' in India in the All India Advisory Championship conducted by CNBC in the year 2016.

Recently he has been honoured with the Achievers of Maharashtra Award for his contribution in the field of Financial Planning and Investments with the prestigious award being betowed upon by the Hon' Minister of Road Transport & Highways, Mr. Nitin Gadkari himself.

Mr. Bhuushan has established AryaaMoney with the mission of transforming the Common Investor into an Intelligent Investor through its valuable financial advisory services. AryaaMoney Private Limited has recently launched it app called “AryaaMoney” with the aim to reach out to all the common investors spread across the country as well around the globe. Its purpose is to guide the common investor and train and empower them by providing them with all the knowledge that is required to become successful in the market.

His Achievements

  • Mr. Bhuushan Godbole Is The Founder Of AryaaMoney Pvt. Ltd
  • Mr. Bhuushan Godbole Is A SEBI Registered Investment Adviser (INA-000002405) And Also An NISM Certified Research Analyst
  • NSE Certified Investment Analyst Champion
  • NSE Certified Derivatives Champion (NCDC)
  • Successfully Completed NSDL-Depository Operations Module Of NCFM As 'Certified Trainer'
  • NSE Certified Market Professional
  • He has more than 2 lakhs active followers on YouTube. Also, AryaaMoney App has more than 5 lakhs downloads till date.
  • His Rich Experience Includes Both Bull And Bear Phases Of Market
  • Trained More Than 5000 Individuals till date.

What benefits will the Learner get by learning with us?

  • Access to Chart Premium Tool
  • Complete Hand Holding Support & Guidance
  • Easy Learning From The Comfort of Your Home
  • You'll Learn Our Patent Technique – How to select the Right Stock at the Right Time In the Shortest Time
  • Information Regarding Other Investments Avenues – Mutual Funds/ Gold/ Liquid Funds

Who All Can Attend the Course?

  • No Age Barriers
  • Anyone Looking Out For Passive Income Streams
  • Anyone Having Interest In the Share Market
  • Anyone Gauging New Investment Streams
  • Anyone Willing to Learn Something New.

Gateway To Wealth

  • Basics of the Share Market
  • Warren Buffet Technique
  • Step-by-Step Right Financial Planning
  • Concept of Risk & Return
  • Investing in an IPO
  • Concept of Demat & Trading Account
  • Much More….

Smart Investor Training Program

  • Technical Analysis
  • What is the Right Time to Buy and Sell Shares? ©
  • Nifty Trend Analysis ©
  • AryaaMoney's Power Pattern Technique ©
  • AryaaMoney's Long-term Investment Secret ©
  • Introduction to Future & Options (F&O)
  • And Much More…

Features of the Course

Financial Planning
Proper guidance as to how our financial planning needs to be done.

Access to our Premium tool
You will also be provided access to our Chart Premium tool for 2 months after you subscribe to our Smart Investor Program which will help you in discovering the shares to invest in.
Customer Support
Our Relationship Managers are always available to guide you and solve your queries/ problems.

You can easily sit at home and access the online share market course.

24/7 Access
You can view the online share market course 24/7 without any restrictions.

Easy to Understand
All the course material is available in a very easy to understand language. Anyone with or without experience can learn and subscribe to our program conveniently.

Why AryaaMoney is best for online share market learning?

  • Rich Experience of more than 15 glorious years.
  • Best online stock trading courses Available at Lowest Cost.
  • Proven track record of managing successful Client Portfolio's with returns averaging over 10% annually.
  • Hundreds of Happy Customers.
  • Great Content including lots of Examples & Case Studies.
  • Patent Technique which works in all the Phases of the Share Market.

How to find the Right Online Share Market Course?

Today several coaching and training institutes offer the online share market courses. So if you too wish to upgrade your knowledge and perform well in the market then it is a prerequisite for you to opt for the right online stock market course.

Aryaamoney is one such institute that offers one of the top online share market training courses and provides the users with an all-round stock market learning by offering them continuous and end-to-end customer support along with a premium charting tool to help them in making their live trading experience even more better.

Aryaamoney’s Online Stock trading Course Includes: Gateway to Wealth Program (Free) and Smart Investor Program (Premium)

Share Market as a Career

Share market trading and investment is a great career option to opt for. In this era of digitization, there are many organizations/institutes that provide online as well as offline share market courses.

With the right training, you can also have a chance to make this a full-fledged career choice. There are a few quality institutes within Pune that provide for a good learning experience through their share market course/training.

Aryaamoney is one such institute amongst those few that provides a great platform for the beginners to earn and grow via their share market course.

It has its own online share market course that offers real-time learning in the real world share market set-up.

Learners get intensive training from industry experts with deep insights into every aspect of the market with detailed online training via its share market course.

It has been founded with the aim of transforming masses into intelligent investors through its valuable online share market course as well as its financial advisory services.

The shares move up and down due to demand and supply hence huge money transactions take place every day in the share market that means lots of opportunities are created to earn great rewards here.

Intelligent trading and investing is the only method to create and grow wealth from such opportunities. For this purpose, we have developed our online share market course which offers both fundamental as well as technical analysis training.

Why is it necessary to upgrade your skills before entering the stock market trading ?

The stock market is popularly known as a business of luck which is not true. With technical analysis skills, fundamental analysis knowledge, strategic trading and professional knowledge one can make huge wealth via stock trading and investing.

One can earn great rewards with stock market trading and investing by opting for the right share market course.

If you’re serious about the stock market trading and investment and wish to make a good profit make sure you enroll yourself in the top share market course.

It is only through proper training that you can hone your skills and become a good trader or investor in the market.

This ongoing pandemic has made us aware of the fact that we shouldn’t be dependent on only one source of income rather we should own multiple streams of income and what better than stock market trading and investment. Share market course training plays an important role in upgrading our skill sets.

The importance of online share market courses has increased drastically because one can utilize their free time to learn something productive which will help to earn a passive income.

Those who want to learn more about online stock market courses/training or wish to upgrade skills should always lookout for the finest online share market training classes.

The main thing is to choose the right course which solely depends on the match you’re expecting.

Importance of share market Training before Trading:

It is very important to be trained before entering the world of the share market.

Also, it’s important to have a complete and deep knowledge in order to get the right success in this field.

A lot of people commit the mistake that they invest money in the market with less knowledge and understanding with the greed to earn money.

This results in big losses along with little profit. Investor psychology plays an important role in the stock market.

How an investor reacts to information and regulatory procedures of the market has an immediate effect on the market and that is what brings volatility.

The share market has been considered to be a medium or platform where you can earn lots of money in very less time, but every coin has two sides.

You could also possibly lose everything. Nowadays, there are a number of online share market training institutes worldwide that offer various share market courses for those who want to learn more about stock market trading.

However, it is important to choose the right share market training course that matches your expectations and requirements.

Aryaamoney effectively covers all the important aspects of technical analysis, fundamental analysis, chart patterns & trends analysis which is extremely useful for trading in the stock market to earn good returns.

Most importantly it effectively teaches Money Management techniques and risk mitigation techniques in its share market course.

At Aryaamoney, we hope to help you earn more profits and cut down your losses through our valuable online share market course and become a successful trader and investor in the world of the stock market.

Having deep knowledge about trade and understanding the strategies to book a profit in the stock market is important to become a successful and outstanding trader.

For that, you need to join a top-class share market training institute to get excellent results out of your trading and we suggest Aryaamoney is the right place for joining the online share market course. It will provide you with the best learning experience within no time.

How does online stock trading course/training help?

The share market never limits the people due to their geographical area, experience, or any other elements.

Anyone, who is keen on earning a passive source of income, can enter the world of the stock trading and/or investing decisively.

Also, it is vital to get the necessary training via opting for the right online stock market course before entering the live market otherwise you may have to face losses.

Our online stock market course will help in a proper understanding of the basic concepts of the market. It will help you in learning the fundamental and technical analysis strategies effectively.

Also, it will provide for a convenient learning experience as you can save a lot of your time and effort. The share market course will provide in-depth knowledge of Trends & Patterns to identify stock price movements. This in turn will help you to become a good trader with the right knowledge about the short term, mid-term Trading, and Long term Investments.

You can learn basic to advance technical and fundamental analysis through Aryaamoney’s online share market course platform that will help you in identifying trends, patterns, signals, and indicators in the market with the help of various examples and case studies.

Also, they provide you with a charting tool to identify the right stocks once you subscribe to their share market course. Also, their customer support team is available to guide you through the market.

So you can learn at your own pace with the share market course online at your own convenience which makes it easier than physical classes. There are several share market courses available online but this course provided by Aryaamoney is presented in super easy to understand language and it is presented by Mr. Bhuushan Godbole himself, so here you get to learn from the expert himself.

The stock market is a medium through which you can earn unlimited profits. However, it requires good skills and knowledge. So to become a professional trader, one needs to take up a proper share market course before jumping into the market.

A trader should know about timing his trades right in order to be profitable in the market. Hence, Aryaamoney's online share market course is one such place to learn from the experts.There are quite a number of good online share market classes that provide us with the in and out knowledge of the share market.

The importance of opting for the top online share market classes has increased many folds so that one can make productive use of his own free time and also earn some passive income from using that skill. Those who want to increase their knowledge and upgrade their trading and investing skills should always look-out for the top online share market course.

Opportunities that the share market offers?

A share market is a great place for new as well as common investors and traders to earn handsome returns via dealing in good stocks. It is important for beginners who wish to trade and invest in the market to understand the right trading techniques, strategies, and the exact trading framework by taking a full-fledged share market course.

Online share trading course also provides a different experience for trading futures, Forex, and other asset classes. Aryaamoney’s share trading courses online can help you start investing and trading in the share market with proven methodology and confidence to build great benefits.

Anybody who wants to trade can enter the stock market irrespective of any limitation. But right technical and fundamental analysis training, detailed knowledge of trading techniques and strategies with a proper risk mitigation plan plays an important role and is very crucial before you enter the live market and start trading.

For this purpose, you need to take up the most practical online share market course. Aryaamoney is one such training institute that has been in this business for more than 14 years. Also, it has recently launched its online share market course which you can subscribe to at your convenience from the comfort of your home.

If you’re serious about share market trading and want to earn a good profit, then make sure you join the online share market course right away as Share market training online plays an important role in being a successful trader and investor.

Also, if you are already into trading or want to upgrade skills and improve knowledge and get to know the strategies of profitable stock trading, then the only thing needed to upgrade your skills and knowledge is by undertaking the right training covering all the aspects of stock trading.

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have our app 'AryaaMoney' which is easily available for Android & iOS users.

There is no need to store physical notes. All the content is in a very easy to understand language provided in the form of short videos.

The entire course consists of videos which are in Hindi, so that anyone can easily refer to it. We are also working on providing content in different languages as well.

Yes, we do provide a Digital Certificate after successful completion of the online share market course.

Dear User, In this course, you will learn all about share market including strategies to identify the right stock at the right time, how and where to invest, how much to invest and also you will learn about our patent technique. For more information, kindly give us a call on +91 9922092369 or you can also write to us at