March 02

Share Market Crash 2021

Posted by: Bhuushan Godbole

 The greatest investor of all-time Warren Buffet quotes, “Be fearful when others are greedy and be greedy when others are fearful.” Simply put, that means when most of the people are caught in the fascination of the market boom and invest at high valuations, we should be fearful and when there is fear in the market and everyone is sitting on the verge of s...

February 16

Quarterly Results Strategy

Posted by: Bhuushan Godbole

 The companies present in the share market declare their quarterly results every three months in a year. If you plan your trading strategies based on these results then how to trade here, let us find out in our today’s blog in a step-by-step manner. In the share market, behind every share is a company that declares its quarterly results every three months. ...

February 10

Which Shares to Buy After The Budget?

Posted by: Bhuushan Godbole

 The Budget of 2021 has been declared and the market has indicated moving in the uptrend. The budget has given out a signal of a new India. How to trade or invest technically and fundamentally keeping in mind the budget? Let’s find out.  Talking about the budget of 2021, then there is no change in the slabs of Income Tax. Also, the prices of petrol and...

February 04

What is Sensex & Nifty? - Part II

Posted by: Bhuushan Godbole

 Continuing from where we left in the previous blog. In the long-term, if we analyze the statistics of Sensex and Nifty, we find that if we invest in the share market for the long-term then we can earn good returns there. But if you wish to invest for the long-term by looking at the statistics of the Index then you are supposed to know the five important facts about i...

February 03

What is Sensex & Nifty? - Part I

Posted by: Bhuushan Godbole

 The fluctuations taking place in the share market are similar to a roller coaster ride. Generally, when we sit on a roller coaster ride, we mostly know of when the ride is going to go downwards but when the share market is in an uptrend, we have no idea whatsoever that when is it going to go down. When the share market is in an uptrend, there is a headline in the new...

January 20

How to Find Out Whether Share Market Valuation Is Expensive or Not?

Posted by: Bhuushan Godbole

 Before leaving for a long journey, we make sure that the car’s fuel tank is full, the tyres are filled with air, the car has oil, and the battery is fully charged. Also, we check that all the indicators in the car’s panel are working fine and when all the things are in place, we set out on the journey. Similarly, while beginning the journey of investing, ...

January 12

How to Find the Best Shares For Long-term?

Posted by: Bhuushan Godbole

 In the year 2000, the market had crashed big time. Later in 2008 again the market crashed and recently in 2020 again we faced a market crash. No matter how big the market crash is be it in 2000, 2008, or 2020, we still got up and brushed every morning. So be it a tooth-brush, hair oil or detergent, etc. all these are clubbed under the category of FMCG (Fast Moving Co...

January 07

Chart Patterns Study

Posted by: Bhuushan Godbole

 One should keep learning to succeed in life. If you want to be successful in short-term and medium-term trading then it is important to know and understand the chart patterns before trading. In geometry, we studied triangle, in geography we learned about the Bermuda Triangle. Similarly, in the share market with chart patterns, they are various triangles. So if you wi...

January 04

Share Market News

Posted by: Bhuushan Godbole

 In the year 2020, when the country was trying to overcome the pandemic, the GDP seemed to be going up and down while the share market seemed to be gearing up for a probable bull-run. In the first session of 2021, the market witnessed a quick fall and later the market witnessed an uptrend. Thus, the market saw the appearance of both bear and bull phase’s one aft...

December 23

Chart Patterns - Trading Strategies

Posted by: Bhuushan Godbole

 When there are fluctuations taking place in the shares in the share market then various patterns are formed, so how to trade such patterns and what strategies should we follow is something that we’ll be covering in this blog.  American Entrepreneur, William O’Neil mentions a secret to winning big in the market, so what is that secret? Similarly,...

December 17

Investing Based Upon Business Model of Companies

Posted by: Bhuushan Godbole

 When a forest catches fire, nothing can escape from it. Similarly, when the waves rise in the sea, at that time even the sinking boats also float on those waves. If we take a look at the US market history, then we come across a company named Enron, seeing the companies increasing profits; most of the investors started investing in the company without analyzing the co...

October 05

Return on Invested Capital and Durable Competitive Advantage

Posted by: Bhuushan Godbole

 The company which you are investing in for the long-term to earn good returns, is there a huge trench outside that company which is filled with water and has a crocodile in it? In the year 2007, world-renowned investor Mr. Warren Buffett stated that he was always kept looking for a business that had a sustainable competitive advantage and a strong economic moat. That...

September 16

Learn Technical Analysis With Example

Posted by: Bhuushan Godbole

 The famous investor Bruce Kovner quotes, “Whenever I enter a position, I have a predetermined stop. That is the only way I can sleep. I know where I am getting out before I get in.” It simply means, planning a stoploss is very essential. If you wish to become a successful trader then how to analyze the current market data and trade practically in the mark...

September 09

Warren Buffet Indicator Explained

Posted by: Bhuushan Godbole

 Is investing in the share market currently, equal to playing with a fireball? If you want to be successful in the share market then which companies should you be opting to invest in? Mr. Warren Buffet exclaims, “It is better to buy a small carat of original diamond than to invest all our money to buy a duplicate diamond.” Recently, Mr. Buffet celebrated h...

August 12

Techno – Fundamental Analysis

Posted by: Bhuushan Godbole

 Beginning with the news paper headlines on the 6th of August which says, ‘Nifty Fifty valuation hits all time high.’ The thing we always kept on talking about is now a newspaper headline. Also, there is another article in the same newspaper stating that the common investor’s participation is most prominent when the market valuation is high. The fluc...

August 05

How to Invest When Nifty PE Ratio Has Gone Beyond 30? - Part II

Posted by: Bhuushan Godbole

 Continuing from where we left in the previous blog. In the year 1999, when the American market was establishing new records of high, when Tech stocks were very much in demand; at that time Mr. Buffet’s company Berkshire Hathaway had underperformed in comparison to the S&P 500 Index. And in the year 1999, Mr. Buffet was also investing in the bond market as w...

August 04

How to Invest When Nifty PE Ratio Has Gone Beyond 30? - Part I

Posted by: Bhuushan Godbole

 In the year 1999, when the American index S&P 500 was significantly in uptrend at that time Mr. Warren Buffet was questioned, “What’s wrong Warren?” That means in the year 1999 when the American share market was consistently in uptrend, Mr. Buffet’s company Berkshire Hathaway still wasn’t able to perform well in the market. At that t...

July 29

Price to Earnings Ratio & FOMO - Part II

Posted by: Bhuushan Godbole

 Coming back to our previous topic. How to construct your portfolio? Currently as the share market is at a higher valuation you can invest around 15% to 20% of your portfolio amount in the share market, other 20% in Gold and Silver. This will help you in getting out of FOMO. So if the market goes bullish from here then you will earn a good profit later and if the mark...

July 29

Price to Earnings Ratio & FOMO - Part I

Posted by: Bhuushan Godbole

 Currently where the economic indicators are signaling negative numbers, on the other hand the share market has recovered and the precious metals like gold and silver are in uptrend. So where to invest and how much? Also, what does FOMO mean? If you wish to know all this, then let us find it out in our today’s blog. The RBI Governor Mr. Shaktikanta Das has ...

July 15

Where Can We Expect a Big Boom in the market?

Posted by: Bhuushan Godbole

 It is nature’s rule that if a pit is formed somewhere then a pile is formed on the other side there.  In the past when the share market valuation had become expensive, we had found there to be an opportunity in gold and had also advised to invest in gold on 5th August 2019. At that time gold rate was Rs. 35,000 per 10 gms. Today, gold has crossed the mark ...

July 08

Stock Market Analysis – July 2020

Posted by: Bhuushan Godbole

 Recently share market has witnessed a V-shaped recovery as well as the prices of shares have gone up too, seeing this; the common investors may feel happy. But it is important to track the earnings behind this rise in prices. The Father of Value Investing Mr. Benjamin Graham quotes, “In the short-run, the share market is a voting machine but in the long-run, th...

June 17

Stock Market for Beginners – Dr. Vivek Bindra – Part II

Posted by: Bhuushan Godbole

 Continuing from where we left. Let us now understand one of the most important fundamentals of the stock market which is the PE Ratio. PE ratio means Price Earning Ratio. Let us first understand the meaning of Nifty Fifty. The top 50 companies together constitute the Nifty Index. This Nifty Fifty acts as a representative of the entire market. As and how the Nifty per...

June 16

Stock Market for Beginners – Dr. Vivek Bindra – Part I

Posted by: Bhuushan Godbole

 If you wish to become a successful trader and investor in the stock market then it is very important to trade or invest based upon the market valuation statistics. The world’s most successful investor Mr. Warren Buffet quotes, “Price is what you pay, Value is what you get.” It is very important to have knowledge of this.     ...

June 10

Stock Market Analysis – June 2020

Posted by: Bhuushan Godbole

 By the end of January, there was a huge downfall in the US as well as Indian share market. Now, as the lockdown has ended, the US as well as the Indian share market is witnessing a V-shaped recovery. So now, how to invest as well as trade here? Let us understand this in our today’s blog. Due to lockdown, the unemployment rate in the USA had reached a peak ...

May 28

Is the Next Debt Crisis Coming Soon?

Posted by: Bhuushan Godbole

 At present, the whole world is facing an economic crisis. In such a situation, there is a cloud of debt looming all over the world, similar to that of a time bomb of debt, which can burst anytime soon. So what is this time bomb of debt? We always spend keeping our income in mind. But, if we want to spend more than what our income is, then we either borrow or take a l...

May 20

Next Stock Market Crash Prediction

Posted by: Bhuushan Godbole

 Whenever we are traveling we find too many signals on our way. So if we ignore those signals and drive ignorantly then we might succumb to an accident. Similarly, if we are trading in the share market; it is important to follow the chart signals because if we don’t follow the chart signals, we may end up losing it all. Now, be it honeycomb or flower petals...

May 08

How to Grow Your Money via Mutual Funds?

Posted by: Bhuushan Godbole

 If you wish to invest some amount of your savings via Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) every month in the share market and if you don’t have enough time to analyze the market valuation and even then you desire to earn good returns from the market the how to do it? Is it possible with the help of mutual funds? Let us understand more about this in our today&rsquo...

April 23

Role of Price & Earning in the Stock Market – Fundamental Analysis

Posted by: Bhuushan Godbole

 The share market recently witnessed a huge fall because of the corona pandemic, so is it to be taken as a ‘threat’, or is any hidden ‘opportunity’ there. Let us find out in our today’s blog. The fluctuation in the share market depends upon the play of Price & Earnings in the market. In the near future if the earnings of the companies...

March 30

Share Market Trading Guide

Posted by: Bhuushan Godbole

 If you wish to make money from trading in the share market from short-term trading (1 to 90 days) and from medium-term trading (6months to 18 months) then for that your portfolio should consist of how many shares and how to invest in various companies? Let us find out. While trading in the share market if we invest our entire capital in one single company then t...

March 25

How to Make a Successful Investment Decision?

Posted by: Bhuushan Godbole

 In our earlier blogs, we have mentioned that the market valuation is expensive, market valuation is expensive but now after the market crash, the market valuation has become moderate.  We have already mentioned how to check the market valuations in our earlier blogs, do check it out. So Nifty PE is an indicator of the market valuation. If we analyze the history ...

March 11

Why & How Did Ajay Lose Money In The Share Market?

Posted by: Bhuushan Godbole

 Earlier we talked about how a dancer earned millions from the stock market. In today’s blog, we are going to find out how did a common investor made a huge loss in the share market within 16 months. If you wish to find out how and why did he lose the money, then let’s find out. Today’s story is about Ajay and this is a true story (the name of t...

March 09

Which Is More Profitable – Gold or Share Market – Part I

Posted by: Bhuushan Godbole

 The American financer and banker J P Morgan quotes, “Gold is money. Everything else is credit” It means gold has a certain intrinsic value of its own whereas the currency we own is nothing but a piece of paper that is stamped by the government. Otherwise, it’s just a piece of paper with no intrinsic value as such. If we analyze the US data from Augu...

March 03

Share Market Crash 2020

Posted by: Bhuushan Godbole

 The impact of coronavirus has resulted in a stock market crash not just in India but across all the major stock markets in the world last week. So what are we supposed to do in the market buy or sell? Let us find out in our today’s blog. The main reason behind this stock market crash is a coronavirus. If we analyze the data until today, what sort of return...

February 17

What is Short-Sell? - Part II

Posted by: Bhuushan Godbole

 How & Where to carry out the Short-sell in the stock market? Let us find out. If we decide to go and trade in the stock market, then there are 2 segments for the same, one is the cash market and the other is the derivative market. The cash segment is that where we can buy even a single share of any company whereas in the derivative market the trades take pla...

February 17

What is Short-Sell? - Part I

Posted by: Bhuushan Godbole

 Today’s blog focuses on how to carry out short-sell trade in the share market. In the entire world, wherever there is a boom in the markets, it’s easy for businesses to make money there. But, is there any such business in the world wherein you can make money even during the recession? Yes, you can do so by trading in the stock market in shares, commoditie...

February 08

Pump & Dump Scam

Posted by: Bhuushan Godbole

 Are you receiving e-mails, calls, or messages saying buy XYZ company’s shares in large quantities, this share is going to grow in the near future not just by 100% or 200% but by 300%? If you are investing in the market by following such tips then beware; you could be dragged into a larger scam. This scam is known as a Pump & Dump Scam. What is this Pum...

February 04

Stock Market Strategy

Posted by: Bhuushan Godbole

 Do you wish to earn huge returns by investing less that too in minimum time? Is this really possible? Yes, it is. India’s most popular and successful investor & trader, Mr. Rakesh J describes the turning point in his life. It was one such day when he earned around Rs. 20 crores by investing Rs. 2 crores in just a single day. How did he do that? What is this...

January 31

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Stock Market Strategy

Posted by: Bhuushan Godbole

 Do you wish to earn excellent returns in a short span of time? Is it really possible? India’s most successful investor and trader Mr. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala quotes that there was one such incident that proved to be a turning point in his life wherein a day he had earned INR 20 crores just by investing INR 2 crores. How did he do this? Which is that strategy? That ...

January 24

Which is the Best Mutual Fund to Invest In? – Part 2

Posted by: Bhuushan Godbole

 Coming back to the Warren Buffet’s 2005 challenge, Warren Buffet had challenged the entire Mutual Fund Industry. In the opinion of Mr. Buffet, in the mutual fundʹs industry, the most actively managed Hedge Funds charge so hefty fees due to which they won’t be able to give better results than the Index in the long-run say over a period of 10 years. If any ...

January 24

Which is the Best Mutual Fund to Invest In? – Part 1

Posted by: Bhuushan Godbole

 According to Mr. Warren Buffet, if Mr. Isaac Newton, the famous scientist had researched a bit more in the share market, he might have discovered the fourth law of motion. Buffet made this statement because Newton had previously invested in the South Sea company where he faced a huge loss. So what would’ve been this fourth law? Let us find out. In the year...
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