Russian Stock Market Index

Russia’s stock market index is known by the name MOEX Russia Index. Earlier it was known as MICEX Index until December of 2017. It is one of the major stock market indexes which tracks the performance of the 50 largest and most liquid Russian companies from the 10 main economy sectors that are listed on The Moscow Stock Exchange. Also, MOEX is a capitalization-weighted composite index.


The Russian stock market was established by the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX) on 22 September 1997. Later, on 27th November 2017, the MICEX merged with the Russian Trading System to form the Moscow Exchange (MOEX) and the index was then renamed to MOEX Russia Index. 


The Russian stock market operates i.e. the trading hours of the Russian stock exchange are from 6:50 to 23:50 for the Equity, Bonds, Commodity Markets, and FX markets and the time for derivatives markets are from 07:00 to 23:50. All times are as per the standard Moscow time.


The Russian stock market plummeted as soon as Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an invasion of Ukraine amid a growing list of sanctions targeting the Russian government, businesses, and oligarchs were ordered by various countries across the world. The selloff that took place on Monday i.e. 28th February 2022 pushed the Russian stocks down nearly 50% over the past week, while Russia’s official currency ‘ruble’ sank to an all-time low of nearly 118 against the U.S. dollar in offshore trading as well.


After the nation’s currency plummeted to a record low in morning trading on 28th February, Russia’s central bank announced that it would be closing the stock trading activities on the Moscow Stock Exchange, the nation’s largest exchange up until March 5, and will be assessing the probability of re-opening the index based upon the situation. 


Today, Russiaʹs economic difficulties marked the country out on the world stage and go against global trends. The nation’s official currency ‘ruble’ has shed almost 40 percent of its value against the U.S. dollar since January 2022 based on falling oil prices, Western sanctions applied on Moscow for its role in the ongoing Ukraine invasion, and an economy swaying on the edge of recession. 


The Russian stock market finally re-opened on 24th March 2022 i.e. Thursday for limited trading, nearly one month after the shares plunged causing the exchange to shut down following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Amongst all the companies that are listed on Russia’s MOEX exchange, only 33 companies were allowed to trade on the Moscow Exchange for four hours and 10 minutes.


Before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, there had been a growing interest in Russian stocks amongst the Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) looking for opportunities in emerging markets. But roughly a week into the war, Russia was removed from emerging markets indexes compiled by Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI), a division of Morgan Stanley.



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