Stock Market for Beginners – Dr. Vivek Bindra – Part I


If you wish to become a successful trader and investor in the stock market then it is very important to trade or invest based upon the market valuation statistics. The world’s most successful investor Mr. Warren Buffet quotes, “Price is what you pay, Value is what you get.” It is very important to have knowledge of this.


The shares available in the share market are not a pack of cards. In this regard, one of the most successful fund managers in the world Mr. Peter Lynch says behind every share is a company. So in the long-run, if the growth and earnings of the company increase significantly and if you invest in such a company, you too will earn excellent returns there. In the long-run, if the company does not perform, and then you too won’t be able to earn good returns there. Hence, it is important to get these basic fundamentals right.


If we analyze the studies of Nobel Prize winner Mr. Robert Schiller we find that if we invest in the market when the market valuation is high, we earn fewer returns whereas if we invest in the market when the market valuation is low, we can get excellent returns. Now, how do we analyze the market valuation? We’ll seek to understand this in our today’s blog.


Also, if you wish to earn good returns via Mutual Funds through SIP then which is the best mutual fund to invest into? The answer is Index Fund. We have already covered this topic in our previous blogs. Do check them out. If you systematically invest in the market via Index Funds then you can earn great returns in the long-run. But while doing this, it is important to have a well-diversified portfolio always. Now having a well-diversified portfolio means investing in the market along with investing in gold as well.


We have stressed the importance of finance and economics many times even before and continue to do so. Even in school, we are taught history, civics, science, and mathematics but important subjects like finance and economics are left behind. Also, In India financial literacy is very less. So we have been contributing towards enhancing the financial literacy amongst our citizens by way of conducting physical workshops and seminars till 2019.


In order to expand our reach, in 2019 our company decided to go digital and hence, attend Dr. Vivek Bindra’s leadership funnel program. It was a great learning experience. While doing so, we feel proud to say that even Dr. Vivek Bindra took our Stock Market Training Program himself. He too understood that before making any investment decisions, it is important to follow the market valuation indicator. To maximize the reach of our workshop, Dr. Vivek Bindra made and posted a video based on our training module on his YouTube channel in June 2019.


So how and when to invest according to the market valuation, let us understand via Mr. Vivek Bindra’s own words: Let us learn investing in a very easy and simple language. Do you remember that 13-year-old kid who used to read the balance-sheets of companies while the other kids used to read comics and novels? His name is Mr. Warren Buffet. He earned his entire wealth by means of investing in the share market.


Before understanding the pattern of investing, let me tell you why people fail to succeed in the share market. In India, only 4% of people invest in the share market compared to the USA where around 50% of people invest in the share markets. The few top reasons why people in India don’t prefer investing in the share market is firstly they don’t have the risk appetite required to invest in the market, second is they don’t have the right knowledge as to how to invest in the markets, third is there are no dedicated courses that teach you how to invest and finally the last being the scandals and frauds like the Harshad Mehta scam, Ketan Parekh scam, etc. which have created some sense of trust issues and fear in the minds of the common man.


Apart from that, there have been people who have earned their entire wealth from the share market itself like Mr. Warren Buffet. Then there is one which is also known as India’s own Warren Buffet, he is Mr. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala. There are others on the list too such as Ramdeo Agarwal, Vijay Kedia, Radhakishan Damani, etc.


Let us first understand how a share market basically works. The share market mostly is just like a vegetable market. You go to the market, there you find a potato vendor. You ask him the rate of 1 kg potatoes, he quotes Rs 20/kg, you bargain; asking for Rs 15/kg. Finally, you both agree to trade for Rs 15/kg for 1 kg of potatoes. So, here the prices move up and down based on the law of demand and supply. If the supply is less and demand is more then the prices will go up. Similarly, when the supply is more and demand is less then the prices will fall down. This same thing takes place in the share market as well.


The National Stock Exchange (NSE) and the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) in the share market functions similar to the vegetable market as mentioned above. So all the trading takes place at these two exchanges.


What is the most prominent mistake that common traders make while trading here is that they ask for ‘tips’ like for example in which share do I invest? Which is the most profitable share currently? So the investors are dependent on various mediums for such tips like television, advisors, newspapers, internet, friends, etc. But we should always remember that tips are given in restaurants.  Such tips don’t work in the share market. What is important in the share market is that, ‘Track the trend, and don’t track the news.’


Until our next blog…


Happy Trading, Happy Investing!!!



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