How to Make a Huge Amount of Money???


In this blog, we’ll be talking about earning money. Do you wish to join the list of millionaires & billionaires? Do you wish to earn a huge amount of money? If you are the one who thinks of ways to make more & more money day & night, then we have a question for you!!!


Let us see if you can answer this question. According to the Forbes list of World’s Richest People, who is the richest person on earth today? Oh! Most of you’ll are be searching the name on the internet. Ok! Let us tell you, its Amazon’s CEO, Mr. Jeff Bezos (Net worth 10,970 crores USD).


Again! So who is the second richest person on earth today? Most of them don’t know the first, chances are they would not know about the second as well. The second richest person on earth is American business magnate, Mr. Bill Gates. Who is third on the list? We all know him, he is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, Mr. Warren Buffet. He has earned the majority of his wealth through share market investments. Who is fourth on the list? Well, the majority of the people would be searching for this on the internet.


To date, all the people whom we’ve asked this set of questions, you’ll won’t believe that none of them could tell us names of more than five people on that list. See, the names on that list keep changing alternatively but most of us don’t even about those names. On the other hand, if we ask you to name the top 5 cricketers in the world, you’ll be able to tell about more than 10 names. Similarly, if we ask you to name the 5 best actors, you’ll be able to tell about more than 20 names.


So be it actors or singers or cricketers for that matter, you have a list of their names ready. But when it comes to the list of the thing that is most important to you i.e. ‘money’, who earns most of the money, which business is the best; then the list does not even go beyond 5 names!!! Isn’t that surprising!!!


Now, let us get back to the topic. Why are we asking you these many questions? What for? Understand, if we wish to become a good cricketer then we can always learn from the best cricketers be it Sachin Tendulkar or Virat Kohli as to how to play the best cricket. Similarly, if we wish to become a good actor then we can always learn from the best actors like Dilip Kumar or Amitabh Bachchan or Rajesh Khanna as to how to put up a great performance. In the same way, if you wish to earn a good amount of money, then one should learn from the best businessmen as well as the richest people in the world as to how to earn a good sum of money.


One of the most well-known businessmen and author of the book ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ quotes that the world is made up of 4 types of people. They are:

  • EmployeeSelf
  • Employed
  • Businessman
  • Investor


Employees are the ones who earn to get paid when they work for someone. The Self-employed are the ones who get paid for rendering their services to others. That is to say, they get paid only if they work. The businessmen are those people who have a system in place and they earn through this system even when they don’t go to work. Last but not least, the Investors are those people that invest in such big business and earn through their returns on such investments.


Let us understand this with the help of a simple example. The employees earn their salaries or wages until the time they work for someone or some organization. The self-employed are specialists be it a doctor, lawyer, actor or cricketer so they earn only till the time they put in their efforts to work or render their services to others. So, if they decide not to work tomorrow, they won’t be able to earn money. The big businessmen are those people who have a system in place and they earn through this system. For example, Amazon.


Amazon itself doesn’t produce anything. Here, the buyer is a different party, as well as the seller, is a different party. Amazon has created such a platform where these parties buy & sell and Amazon earns through them by way of commissions and fees. The fourth category, i.e. the investors are way ahead of them all. The investors research well and find such systems which have a competitive advantage with them. So the system generates money for their business. The investors then invest in such systems and big businesses.


An example of a successful investor is Mr. Warren Buffet. He found such a successful business has a certain competitive advantage over its competitors. That business is Coca Cola. The Coca Cola Company has such a system in place which helps them in generating great returns. So, Mr. Buffet has invested in the business of Coca Cola by purchasing its shares through the share market and earned excellent returns on his investment. It means that here Coca Cola was working and Mr. Buffet was enjoying his returns. So being an investor is all about making a smart decision. All the work is taken care of by the businessmen & returns are enjoyed by the investors.


So, what we learn from this is that you can be an employee or you can be self-employed or you can even be a big businessman, still, you can always make it to the list of the richest people by becoming an investor.


You’ll be thinking, is this possible? Yes, it is possible. Numerous people have done it in the past and continue to do so such as Warren Buffet, Ray Dalio, Radha Kishan Damani, Ramesh Damani, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and yes, you can be the next in line. Some of you might be laughing, understand that you should always carry the ‘right attitude’ and everything in life is possible. Someone has said it right that, “If you can dream it, you can achieve it.”


Seeing all of them, our mentor Mr. Bhuushan too is on his way to achieving it all. We are but just a small drop in the ocean. He dares to achieve it all not just alone but wants to take as many people as possible so dare to dream big. As the saying goes, “Always aim for the moon, so that even if you miss, you might land amongst the stars.” 


If you dream of earning loads & loads of money then follow or do the things you are excel at. Always make sure to follow your passion and follow your passion in this way that you’ll be able to carve your name on the list of such big businessmen and investors.


If you follow your passion and dreams with such aggression, people might call you mad but those people one day will go mad when they see you achieve all your dreams.


Go & Chase Your Dreams!!!


Till then…


Happy Trading, Happy Investing!!!               


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